Yarn Substitutes for the Overprint Bag

Overprint Bag as seen in Pompom Quarterly

     I’m thrilled to be a contributor to issue 44 of Pom Pom Quarterly! For those looking to make my Overprint Bag, I chose Onion Organic cotton for the design but of course that yarn may not be your… bag (groan!).  If choosing a substitute, it might be helpful to know why I chose this particular yarn:

 Cotton is great for bags as it creates a strong fabric with very little stretch.

 The fine-gauge avoids bulk in the folds of the design.

 Awesome colours.

     Keep these factors (and the pattern gauge!) in mind when choosing a substitute yarn, especially if you want to closely replicate the sample bag in the photos.  To save you some leg-work, here are 5 tested and suggested yarns I think have it… in the bag (double groan!): 

Montoya Merino Light Overprint Kit in Cream/Pink/Orange

1. Montoya Merino Light by Vickie Howell (tested!) Cotton not your favourite?  Love a kit?  My girl, Vickie’s got ya covered! This superwash merino is lovely and comes in lots of fun colours.  Even better, she has put together kits especially for the Overprint bag!  Kits include all the yarn you need (at a steep discount), project bag, tape measure and 20% off code for the digital issue of Pom Pom Quarterly 44! It’s kind of a no-brainer.  Click here for details.

Montoya Merino Light Overprint Kit in Gray/Blue/Green

2. Patons Grace (tested!)Prefer the lux sheen of a mercerized cotton?  Miss Grace is widely available in North America in chain craft stores or directly from yarnspirations.com .  You can often find this yarn on sale so watch for those coupons and newsletter deals!

3. Cascade Ultra Pima (suggested!) If you’re picky about colour, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the right one in the bonkers selection of Ultra Pima shades! 

4. Drops Safran (suggested) Can’t find Onion cotton but love the colours in the sample bag pictured in Pom Pom?  Drops Safran looks to have some pretty good substitutes in light beige, orange, plum, & lemon.

5. Knit Picks Comfy Sport (suggested) With a touch of acrylic to add a little elasticity to the cotton, Comfy Sport is a great choice for those who love the look of cotton but find it challenging to work with.

If you are looking to make your own Overprint Bag, stay tuned for a Crochet-Along launching soon!!!

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  1. Looking forward to getting started on the Overprint Bag and learning some new skills and ways to assemble the bag and the crochet along

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