Want the granny look but too hip to be square? This book is for you!

Most granny square books offer patterns for squares (and only squares), in one size only, using many different stitches. Every Way with Granny Crochet offers 50 fab shapes to crochet all using the classic ‘granny’ stitch. Think outside the box (or square, that is), grab your hook and create circles, stars, flowers and a bounty of geometric shapes.

With in-depth exploration of familiar granny stitch shapes and instructions for exclusive motifs not seen elsewhere, the shape section is an invaluable resource. Each granny pattern is provided in full written form as well as easy-to-follow visual charts suitable for crocheters at any level of experience.

Learn how to resize, customize and utilize the shapes to create your own original granny-gorgeous designs, from tiny ornaments to epic afghans. What’s more, pairings are suggested to highlight which shapes work well together and spark inspiration for unique ‘patchwork’ crochet projects.

The finishing section walks you through multiple techniques to whip(stitch) your gorgeous grannies together or give them a finishing touch with clean and simple crochet borders. See all the grannies in action in the showcase sampler blanket, outlining how to use shapes and techniques from the book to create a graphic-granny showstopper!

Every Way with Granny Crochet is the go-to crochet stitch dictionary missing from your craft bookshelf and has what it takes to be a shelf staple to inspire crocheters for years to come.